If you dispute the completeness or accuracy of the information in your consumer file, you have the right to submit a dispute directly to the source of the information. However, if you prefer, ChexSystems will be happy to contact the source on your behalf to initiate an investigation.

 To learn how to Submit a Dispute click the following link for a short tutorial Submitting a Dispute.

Investigations are usually completed within approximately 30 days (21 days for residents of Maine).  

  • If you provide additional information or documentation relevant to the dispute while the investigation is pending, the investigation time frame may be extended by up to 15 days to give the source sufficient time for review.  
  • Once it is completed, ChexSystems will notify you of the results of the investigation by mail at the address you provide.

Submit Your Dispute 


Submit your dispute now using this website, or you may read more about other methods of submitting a dispute.