You have a right to place a security freeze on your consumer report, which will prohibit a consumer reporting agency from releasing any information in your consumer file without your expressed authorization.

The security freeze is designed to prevent credit, loans and services from being approved in your name without your consent. You should be aware that taking advantage of this right may delay or prevent timely approval from any user of your consumer report that you wish to do business with. The third party will receive a message indicating that you have blocked your information. 


Please be advised that security freeze requirements do not apply to prescreening inquiries made by creditors who may want to offer preapproved credit or demand deposit account information service companies.  

  • A demand deposit information service company is one that issues reports regarding account closures due to fraud, substantial overdrafts, ATM abuse or similar negative information regarding a consumer, to financial institutions for use only in reviewing a consumer request for a demand deposit account.  
  • For this reason, the information contained in your consumer file at ChexSystems may continue to be provided under certain circumstances.  

Security freeze requests submitted to Chex Systems, Inc. will be applied only to your ChexSystems consumer report. If you wish to restrict access to your credit report at the major credit bureaus or other consumer reporting agencies, you must contact them directly.


If you are representing a Protected Consumer and have questions about a Security Freeze, you may Contact ChexSystems Security Freeze Department. To place, lift or remove a Security Freeze for a Protected Consumer, please submit your request in writing and provide sufficient proof of authority and sufficient proof of identity.