Additional Education Information

Additional Education Information

Avoid Credit Repair Scams

This is the only official Chex Systems, Inc. consumer-facing website. Any other websites containing the name ChexSystems® are not owned or operated by Chex Systems, Inc.

There are other companies with names similar to Chex Systems, Inc. which may be holding themselves out to consumers as Chex Systems, Inc. Please be advised that Chex Systems, Inc. has no relationship or affiliations with these companies. Chex Systems, Inc. will never require payment from a consumer in order to investigate the accuracy of consumer reporting information, nor will Chex Systems, Inc. ever require payment in order to remove inaccurate consumer reporting information. Chex Systems, Inc. will never contact a consumer as part of an effort to collect a debt.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act provides all consumers with the right to ask for a reinvestigation of information in their file.

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If you are tempted to contact a credit repair company for help, you should use considerable caution. The Federal Trade Commission and a number of state attorneys general have sued credit repair companies for false promises to remove information from consumer reports.

The Credit Repair Organizations Act prohibits credit repair companies from taking money from a consumer until they fully complete the services they promise. It also requires these companies provide consumers with a written contract stating the terms and conditions of payment and listing all the services to be provided. Under the law, consumers have three days to withdraw from the contract. The Act also makes it illegal for a credit repair company to suggest that a consumer mislead credit reporting companies about accounts or alter your identity to change your credit history.

Learn more about how to identify possible scams and your rights under the Credit Repair Organization Act by visiting the Federal Trade Commission website.

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